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These writings are mostly unedited musings on life, as they arise from my experience.  For professional/academic writing, please inquire. 

If you feel inspired to share or reprint, please do; simply be sure to credit and link to original source...and let me know! You can also subscribe below if you'd like to receive my writing through email.

Blessings and thank you... 

My questions are these:  How can we make a difference?  How can we embody systemic change at a local level?  How do we not burn out? How can we enjoy our lives while simultaneously fighting violence, destruction and collapse?  What can we do in our communitie...

Sounds waft through the walls and windows

Air touches my skin

The bitter, earthy taste of coffee awakens my mouth 

Breath comes in, and out. 


and out.

As I let my inner gaze follow my breath, my body responds.

On the exhale, my muscles contract in a gentle twist, that turn...

The ancestral journey is not glamorous. 

It is slow. It is hard. It is elusive and mysterious. It is rainy and cold, and full of crumbling stone walls and broken hearts.  At least for me.

But it takes me to the river’s edge on my birthday, to sit on tree trunks carv...

Recently, I received official notification that the decision has been made to grant me citizenship in Latvia. I have a number. I am a citizen of this land. I belong here.  The place of my ancestors. Holy shit.

As I have been waiting for that decision, I have felt many t...

I am the one who is preparing for battle.

I am the one who learns from the children.

I am the one who is balancing strength and joy.

I am the one who is learning to receive.

I am the one flying in the dark, guided by higher wisdom.

I am the one praying in the trees.

I am the...

Singing is vulnerable.  Singing is an expression of the mythopoetic stirrings deep within.  The archetypal and personal experience of being alive.  Song is ancient.  And singing is NOW.  It is giving voice to the beauty and struggle of the present moment....


Body, cold 

Heart, where are you

Grief, buried deep

Sisters, hear me. 

Snow, falling

Words, failing

Tears, coming

Return, return, return, return

Can I seek the balm within myself

Forgiveness for the rushed release

Forgiveness for the men who push...

Writers are always talking about waiting for the Muse.  Well, today my muse came in the form of a strange dream about an old job and an ex-boyfriend (...I don't know if you could even call him that.) 

But before the dream became a muse, it first catalyzed a re...

I come to the dance floor to figure it out without having to figure it out.

I’ve been in conversation recently with dancers and facilitators about the role of Music.  How much does the music impact our experience of dancing? Of letting go, of transforming? Of life?

I am...

I'm laying on my back with my knees bent, right leg crossed over left, pulling with my right knee to coerce my lower body to twist to the right, towards the ground, while my torso and upper body twists to the left. Ouch. My tender knee is flaring, my back is pinching,...

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