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What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is both a way of seeing the world, as well as a design system.  It is based on the way that nature does things, and includes a set of ethics, principles, and design tools and methodologies.  It can be used to design a garden, a landscape, a homestead, a lifestyle, a community, an organisation, and more.  At its core, it strives to create regenerative solutions, putting humans back into right relationship with the planet, helping both people and ecosystems to flourish.

I love permaculture because it is a PRACTICAL SOLUTION that addresses our ongoing crises on a local level. It empowers individuals and communities to make a difference in a manageable and rewarding way

Crann Og tomatoes.jpg
Crann Og Base Map.jpg

 I am a Permaculture designer, and also contribute teachings around permaculture to local courses to support regenerative cultural solutions.  Currently I am working on two active permaculture design projects in Gort, Co. Galway. 

Resources and courses are offered all over the world (and the internet!) these days to support the widespread interest in permaculture. 

This website is under construction, so for now, please feel free to reach out with any interests or questions, and I encourage you to peruse the web for other resources if you are new to permaculture! 

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