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Ecopsychology & Ecotherapy

Ecopsychology is, fundamentally, a way of understanding human experience, as intertwined with the natural world.   It is both a developing/contemporary "field" of work and study, as well as an ancient and timeless way of relating to the world around us.  It is grounded in what many would call indigenous ways of being: Namely, an understanding that the state of the human psyche (and by extension the health of the community and culture,) is deeply related to the natural world that we exist within and indeed arose out of. 

Ecotherapy can be understood as a way of working with people in a healing context, which is essentially ecopsychology in practice. 

For those wishing to find healing, guidance and growth through an avenue other than (or in addition to) traditional psychotherapy, please consider getting in touch.  My work is very individualized, and I would be happy to share more about the ways a nature-based session could look.  This type of embodied, nature-based approach can be especially supportive to people navigating life transitions and/or big questions, people who want to restore or deepen their relationship to their body, or those who need support to move into a new story or chapter of their lives. 

I offer a free 30-minute consultation via skype. Send me an email!

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