-Gary Snyder

"Nature is not a place to visit, it is home."

I believe it is both a birthright and a privilege to be connected to the natural world. 
Of the many things I love, it is the natural world that has literally brought me to my knees, again and again.   It has held me, showed me, taught me, supported me, tested me, scared me, amazed me, surprised me, caught me, fed me, humbled me, and inspired me.  I carry deep and enduring gratitude for nature, and a profound devotion to my relationship with her.  She has taught me about love.  Therefore, my life and my work will always come back to this, or so I hope and pray. 
May I always sink to my knees in the dirt when I forget.  May I find the courage to fight for that which I love and wish to protect.  May there be generations of people to come who know how to walk on the land in a good way.   
This is my prayer.  

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I wish for this website, and all of my work and life, to be inspired by a lived connection to the natural world.  Much of my work is directly related to supporting others in accessing or cultivating this relationship.   My website is ever-changing, as is my life; meanwhile I ask for forgiveness when things are outdated, because my attention does not generally come here first. 


I hope you find some inspiration here, whether you are reading my writing, seeking time out on the land, curious about programming or mentoring or ecotherapy work, wanting to dance or travel, or finding yourself here totally by accident.  

Please do be in touch. 

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