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Waking Up in my body...and the Coming of Spring

Sounds waft through the walls and windows

Air touches my skin

The bitter, earthy taste of coffee awakens my mouth

Breath comes in, and out.


and out.

As I let my inner gaze follow my breath, my body responds.

On the exhale, my muscles contract in a gentle twist, that turns my inner ear slightly to the west.

On the inhale, my arm lifts slowly

Sensation and a yearning in my tendons bring my hand to my neck

What a relief; how good it feels to be touched

To touch my own skin.

I melt and awaken under my own attentive, loving touch

I remember

the pain and pleasure

of being human

and how hard I am trying

to do a good job.

My mind wanders

to plans for the future

longings to be of service

emails to write

meetings to plan

I notice

where my mind has gone

And I appreciate her

for caring for the world

for trying to help

for wanting so desperately

to do a good job.

And I take another breath

deep into my ribcage

I bow my head

and let the space behind my heart unfurl.

Warmth floods me

as my shoulder blades spread

and I curl in

towards my own heart

with my eyes closed.


Should I go for a walk?

Should I turn on some music?

Should I write?

I recognize an impulse to move.

I crack my eyelids; light

greets me

through the window.

I understand this moment

poised on the precipice of spring

I am awakening

Winter is not gone,

but the earth is thawing.

My body is thawing.

I feel the seeds stirring in the ground of my body

I feel my heart enliven with the promise of sunshine

I am nearly exploding with a hunger

For life.

And suddenly, I am so grateful

that I have been firmly asked

to sit still for so long.

Because now,

I am ready.

You might call it meditation, or yoga.

I call it waking up.

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