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Poetry for the Frozen Soul: Thawing the Human Spirit


Body, cold

Heart, where are you

Grief, buried deep

Sisters, hear me.

Snow, falling

Words, failing

Tears, coming

Return, return, return, return

Can I seek the balm within myself

Forgiveness for the rushed release

Forgiveness for the men who push too hard, too fast

Forgiveness for the emotions and vulnerability

buried deep in the snow.

What does it take to thaw the human spirit?

How can we wake up in warmth, in


In slowness

and soft touches

With the strength of the Earth

in my bones

How can the women be strong enough

to soften the men?

How can the trees be warm enough

to withstand the winter?

How can we see through the storm?

I call on the fire

The tiny, burning flame

Flickering on the altar

Wavering in my heart.

Sustain me.

Cast your soft warmth


around the frozen cavity

in my chest.

May I curl up in your glow for a while

and wake up at your hearth.

And may the children gather near

To kindle the flames of joy

And write the story

of a new dawn.

And it will come

And I will be stronger

Nourished by all that I held close;

By the mysterious flickerings of soul

That I may only hear

in the Heart of Winter.

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