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Nature Immersion Mentoring: 

Camping weekends for young women (15-24) 

Let your hair down, be yourself, talk some real talk and have some real fun 
Organized in conjunction with local communities  
Locations Worldwide
Sliding Scale available
Email for Information 

This weekend program is relatively relaxed though intentionally structured, with a mix of solo and group time on the land, nature connection activities, councils and sharing circles, reflection time, and the magic that arises through campfire, song, sharing meals, and all those rituals of living together in simple and meaningful ways. 

Your program leaders hold strong intentions around supporting young women to value themselves, to feel belonging, and to experience their uniqueness as a gift to their communities and the world at large. We hope to empower them to be able to meet fear and vulnerability and challenge with a sense of heart and authenticity, believing in their capacity to make a difference in a good way as they move through the world.  In our experience, connection to nature, self-awareness, and group intimacy and sharing are powerful ways to foster these qualities and experiences for young people.  

We hope to support a growing sense of self, an awakening of passion and care, an indigenous mind, seeds of awareness around social and environmental concerns, and a personal relationship to the land in a way that promotes stewardship.  This is the larger intention of our work, and of our time together on the land.

Program can be organized in Many locations worldwide, dependent on guide availability.  please contact anna to discuss options!

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